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Every birder has one, two, or more than they may admit (in my case, 60+)… Field guides are an essential part of every birder’s library. Fortunately, no matter where you are or what birds you see, there are amazing field guides to help you discover, identify, and enjoy every bird. But which should you choose? There is no single guide perfect for every birder, and just as you ought to enjoy birding in your own unique way, you should opt for the guide that works best for you, not for someone else. To help you find your ideal field guide, this virtual directory can help you quickly locate the volume you are interested in.

For ease of discovery and exploration of all things avian, I’ve grouped guides according to either general geographical area, overall worldwide guide, or bird-specific volumes (you’ll find more detailed explanations in each specific category). Where appropriate, some guides may be listed in more than one category.

Note: I have personally handled, thumbed through, and examined each guide on these lists, and would be happy to provide more detailed feedback and recommendations if requested (see the About Me page for contact information). Check back regularly for new and updated guides, or contact me to suggest adding your favorite guide to the directory!

North America

Encompassing the continental United States, Canada, and Alaska.

See all North American field guides…

Hawaii and Antarctica

Because neither of these remote locations really needs explanation of where they are.

See all Hawaii and Antarctica field guides… Coming soon!

Mexico and Central America

From continental Mexico and the Baja peninsula through Panama.

See all Mexico and Central America field guides… Coming soon!


All Caribbean and near-Caribbean islands, including Cuba, Bermuda, and the Bahamas.

See all Caribbean field guides… Coming soon!

South America

The entirety of South America, including the Galapagos Islands.

See all South America field guides… Coming soon!


All European countries, including Russia and the former Soviet republics.

See all Europe field guides…


Covering all of Africa, including Madagascar.

See all Africa field guides…

The Middle East

Includes Turkey, Israel, the Arabian peninsula and adjacent nations, and Iran.

See all Middle East field guides… Coming soon!


From Pakistan and India to China, Mongolia, Japan, and southeastern Asia.

See all Asia field guides…

Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia

Along with New Guinea, the Philippines, and Oceania.

See all Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia field guides… Coming soon!

Worldwide Guides

General guides that cover a wide variety of birds without being specific to one region.

See all worldwide field guides… Coming soon!

Bird-Specific Guides

Guides that cover one type of bird with species represented all over the world.

See all bird-specific guides… Coming soon!

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