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Novels, mysteries, romances, thrillers… All sorts of stories are part of the fiction genre. These books, while they may speak to truths within us, are imaginative tales woven in the depths of one’s emotions and dreams. Great for a mental escape, these books help us fly where even birds can’t, and while they may be “made up” stories, they can still teach us about birds, and ourselves. (New book reviews will be posted periodically; check back for more fiction bird books to read!)

Fiction Book

Fiction Books

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Bob White Birder Murder Mysteries

The Boreal Owl Murder

A set of seven birding-themed mysteries, each intriguing book is set in a different birding hotspot and with different target species – and different murders. Written with a casual, conversational tone tone and filled with fun anecdotes, birding references, conservation issues, and easily relatable characters, each story adds more to a reader’s birding knowledge as well as provides a fun and witty escape for enjoying everything about birds. Great mysteries even for those who aren’t mystery readers or hard-core birders, every type of birder will be able to recognize themselves in these engaging books. Read more…