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Announcing an Award

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It boggles my mind that it was four years ago – May 2020 – that Migration: Exploring the Remarkable Journeys of Birds was released, and the ambition I never knew I had came to be. The ride was an unusual and illuminating one, and it would be two years later that the journey took yet another step and the book was given a prestigious and humbling honor.

Glitter Up Close - Photo by Michelle Grewe
Glitter Up Close – Photo by Michelle Grewe

Migration – Nautilus Book Award Winner

Migration was chosen as a winner for the Nautilus Book Awards, a recognition that seeks to “celebrate and honor books that support conscious living and green values, wellness, social change, social justice, and spiritual growth.”

The awards are presented in up to 35 categories, and Migration was selected for the “Animals and Nature” silver award. Books are evaluated by several judges in a three-tier judging system, ensuring adequate review and consideration.

Nautilus Book Awards Silver Winner Seal

To be selected as a winner, books must meet one or more of the organization’s core values in a way that will appeal to readers.

  • Conscious and Restorative Earth Practices – With ideas on conservation and protecting migratory birds, Migration certainly fits this value.
  • Wellness/Love/Beauty – A connection to nature helps with wellness, and birds themselves are some of the most beautiful of nature’s creatures.
  • Spiritual Growth – Okay, to be fair I don’t know how this might fit for individual birders, as spiritual growth is an intimately personal experience.
  • Social Change and Social Justice – By understanding and enjoying birds, we can begin social change for better natural protection for all to enjoy.

I was simultaneously stunned and honored to receive the award, particularly as my own writing has never seemed difficult to me, and therefore not necessarily “award worthy” in any acknowledged sense. Hence, why it has taken me so very long to make this award openly public.

Still, a win for Migration is a win for birds, and hopefully, for the birders who find inspiration within its pages. Thank you, most sincerely, to everyone who has made this honor a reality.

One thought on “Announcing an Award

  1. Shelly L Mathie

    LOVE that you received some recognition for your book. Personally love this book and your new one too! You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us “would-be” birders!

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