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Giveaway Time – Window Bird Feeding!

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What else would be featured for a giveaway during National Bird Feeding Month than a bird feeder? And because it’s so cold in many places, this month’s prize is perfect for window feeding to get an up close view of birds from the cozy comfort of indoors.

Giveaway Time!

National Bird Feeding Month

February is National Bird Feeding Month, a time to highlight when winter natural food supplies may be running a bit low and wild birds can benefit from seed, suet, peanuts, and other foods offered in safe, easily accessible feeders. While birds don’t get as much food from feeders as we may believe, it is true that in late winter a lot of our feathered friends will visit feeders more frequently for a fast, convenient meal.

The Prize to Win

For this month’s giveaway, one winner will be randomly selected to win the perfect feeder for winter feeding – the Wild Birds of Joy small window bird feeder. This compact design (measuring roughly 6 inches high, 6 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep) features not only a feeding tray (complete with four small drainage holes), but an overhanging roof to shield seed from rain, snow, and ice. Two large suction cups on the feeder’s back are designed to hold it firmly on a window, and the clear acrylic construction gives birders inside that window a beautiful view of any diners.

Wild Birds of Joy Small Window Feeder
Wild Birds of Joy Small Window Feeder

The feeder’s box comes with tips for proper and effective installation, as well as guidelines for how to attract birds to the feeder and how to keep it clean and safe for birds. The tips even include ideas for how to keep squirrels from raiding the feeder, and what to do if birds are initially hesitant to visit.

Most backyard birds would likely be eager to use this feeder, though its small size might make it less popular with larger species or birds that feed in groups. Smaller birds such as finches, chickadees, titmice, juncos, nuthatches, or wrens, however, will feel right at home and won’t hesitate to grab a snack once they feel comfortable with the feeder’s placement. The wide front opening will easily accommodate all visitors, and makes refilling easy and convenient.

Enter the Giveaway

To be entered to win this window bird feeder, just answer this question in the comments below:

Where would you place this feeder?

For me, it would definitely be on my office window, as I spend far too much time in my office every day. A close second would be on our patio door, where visiting birds would more than entertain our pets (though admittedly, that might get to be a bit too noisy!).

The giveaway is only open to participants in the United States, and all entries must include a valid email address in the comment form to be contacted if you win. The feeder will ship directly from Be Your Own Birder (addresses are not shared, sold, or traded) via USPS with tracking information. By entering, all participants agree to the Giveaway Guidelines. Entries will close on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, when the winner will be randomly selected. Time to feed the birds!

Where's My Food? - Photo by Courtney Celley/USFWS
Where’s My Food? – Photo by Courtney Celley/USFWS
The entry period has ended and comments are now closed.
Stay tuned for the winner announcement!

11 thoughts on “Giveaway Time – Window Bird Feeding!

  1. Patricia Berry

    I would probably put it on the dining room window. Just outside this window are lots of bushes that attract small birds and it would be fun to see them up close and personal.

  2. Wendy Feal

    I would put it on my front room window. There is a large bush there that attracts birds to its berries, and would provide cover for feeding birds. Oh, and my cats could watch them from there!

  3. Jayne Gulbrand

    I would put it on my bedroom window it’s too high for the squirrels to get up on and I would love to watch the birds first thing in the morning 🌄

  4. Jayne Wilson

    Our dining room windows would be the best place. It’s close to existing feeders, and the cats would be able to sit inside and watch the entertainment.

  5. Heather

    On the window in the upstairs dormer nook where my rocking chair sits. Perfect to read with the birds!

  6. Linda Sylvester

    Definitely my office window! So relaxing to see them when I am working. Brings me outdoors…such stress relief!

  7. Daisy M

    I would place in my living room window. My craft work area looks out. My birds already have two water stations so it will be a familiar area for them. Thanks for this opportunity. 🥰


    It would be on my living room window. It is an ideal place, there different species gather; I sit to stitch, read, and admire the nature.

  9. Kathy Flowers

    As long as I have been hand washing my dishes, and enjoying looking out my big window as I do them, I hadn’t even thought of this missing link that would make this chore a much more pleasant task!! And magically the beautiful birds would all appear🐦💗 So the kitchen window it is!!

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