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Stocking Stuffers for Birders

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‘Tis the season for stocking stuffers, and there are many amazing options birders will love, no matter what your budget or stocking preferences. But what makes a good stocking stuffer, and which ones are best for birders and bird lovers?

Defining a Stocking Stuffer

Everyone has different gift traditions, from huge piles under a tremendous tree to simpler exchanges in classic surroundings to jokey fun at holiday parties. Stocking stuffers can have just as much variation, but I’ve always believed there are three defining characteristics of a stocking stuffer…

  1. Stocking Size: Obviously, a stocking stuffer needs to be stuffed into a stocking. There are many stocking sizes, however, so exactly what size a gift can or cannot be as a stocking stuffer will vary for everyone. My family uses the smallest of classic stockings, so our stocking stuffers must be correspondingly small.
  2. Gift Cost: Stocking stuffers should represent only a small portion of one’s gift giving budget. Of course that budget varies, and what may be an insignificant sum to one person could be a much greater part of another person’s less luxurious budget.
  3. Gift Significance: Traditionally, stocking stuffers are lighthearted, fun presents and are not usually the most memorable gifts of the season. Even a small, inexpensive gift – a family ring that costs nothing and would certainly fit in any stocking – may not be suitable for a stocking if it is a very significant item.

Considering these criteria, and keeping in mind that Be Your Own Birder embraces all types of birding preferences, our top picks for stocking stuffers also embrace a wide range of gift options, stocking sizes, and budgets – perfect for any birder or bird-lover’s stocking!

Holiday Stockings - Photo by ProFlowers

35+ Stocking Stuffers Birders Will Love

  • Reusable Straws – As more businesses ditch the practice of providing straws, carrying one’s own reusable straw is a great option to enjoy easy sips without unnecessary litter. These awesome straws are perfect for different drinks and preferences.
  • Sporks and Cutlery – Along with straws, alternatives for disposable forks, knives, and spoons are ideal for environmentally-conscious gift giving. There are many options for carrying your own cutlery and reducing landfill waste.
  • Window Clings – An easy, safe, non-damaging solution for birds hitting windows, window clings break up glass reflections and let birds see the dangerous surface. These different options come in styles to suit any birder and help protect any window.
  • Lip Balm – Whether birding on cold winter days or out on trails in blazing summer sun, lip protection can keep birders smiling. These different options make perfect stocking stuffers not only for birders and birding, but for all nature lovers and outdoor fun.
  • Warm Gear – As temperatures drop, birding can be more uncomfortable, but it is well worth it to see a snowy owl, common redpoll, snow bunting, or other winter species. These warm gear stocking stuffers can keep every birder toasty warm.
  • Field Gear – Anything birders can use in the field to help their birding is always a welcome gift, and these different items have all sorts of nifty uses for a birder’s field bag, trail safety, and overall enjoyment of birding.
  • Small Feeders – The tiniest of bird feeders can be amazing stocking stuffers, and add a fun new feeding station to any birder’s yard, no matter what the yard size – they even work for apartment balconies, RVs, and campsites!
  • Armchair Birding – For birders who prefer armchair travels, birding books, and indoor pursuits instead of winter cold excursions or high-budget travel, these amazing gifts can help them enjoy every bit of birding they do right in the comfort of home.

No matter what stocking stuffers you may or may not prefer, there’s a bird-themed option out there for all your holiday gifting!

Holiday Mantle With Stockings - Photo by Personal Creations

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