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Get Laughing With Gull Jokes

Do you need a chance to chuckle, a gram of a giggle, a little bit of a laugh, a snippet of snickering? These gull jokes, puns, and memes will have you laughing more than a flock of laughing gulls!

Laughing Gulls
Laughing Gulls – Photo by Judy Gallagher

Q: Why do sea gulls live by the sea?
A: If they lived by the bay, they’d be called bay-gulls (bagels)!

Q: What do you call a gull made out of cloth?
A: A material gull.

Q: What do you call a gull who falls for every joke?
A: Gullible!

Q: What do you call the lonesome call of a solitary seabird?
A: Sing-Gull.

Q: What do you call a gull that works online?
A: An e-gull (eagle)!

Q: What did the gull say to the cat when the alarm clock went off?
A: Kittiwake!

Q: What is a gull’s favorite book?
A: Gulliver’s Travels

Q: Where is a gull’s favorite place for a vacation?
A: Portugal.

Q: What animal was created before the seagull?
A: The beagle!

Q: Why did the gull refuse to share its lunch?
A: It was a little shellfish.

Q: What did one gull say to the other about the incoming tide?
A: Shore is getting deep around here!

Q: What do you call a bird that speaks fluent Spanish?
A: A si-gull!

Do you have more giggle-worthy gull jokes? Share them in the comments!

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