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Giveaway Time – Birder Murder Mystery!

October is a spooky month, not just because of Halloween, but also because of gradually darkening days, chilling weather, the skeletal look of trees as leaves gradually fall, and the duller colors as the season closes. What a perfect time to curl up with a good book, and this month’s giveaway is the perfect read!

Giveaway Time!

The Prize to Win

The Kiskadee of Death
The Kiskadee of Death

The prize for this month’s giveaway is the seventh and final book in author Jan Dunlap’s Bob White Birder Murder Mystery series, The Kiskadee of Death. Written in her signature light and conversational tone while incorporating an unmistakable passion for birding, this book is set in the stunning birding hotspot of South Texas, featuring a number of local birding hotspots, bird-related landmarks, and local treasures readers familiar with the area will easily recognize. For readers who haven’t had the pleasure of birding in South Texas, the detail Dunlap includes will make the story and its phenomenal settings come alive on every page.

The giveaway book is an author-signed paperback copy of the book, and just for fun, a colorful Bling Swing will be in the prize package as well!

Enter the Giveaway

Entering the giveaway is simple – just answer the following question in the comments below…

What are your favorite types of books?

I read a wide variety of books, from teen novels to psychological thrillers, post-apocalyptic tales, Amish fiction, and more. There are always more great books to read!

A valid email must be submitted so the winner may be contacted, and the giveaway is only open to participants in the United States. By entering, participants agree to the Giveaway Guidelines. Entries will close Wednesday, October 26, 2022, and the winner will be randomly selected at that time. Enter today, and soon you could be solving the mystery yourself!

The entry period has ended and comments are now closed.
Stay tuned for the winner announcement!

15 thoughts on “Giveaway Time – Birder Murder Mystery!

  1. Melanie Freisinger

    I love “Foodie” books, cookbooks, but also ones with stories about food/cooking/family traditions

  2. Daisy/Mich

    I love historical/mystery novels. I think I will see about finding the first books in this series, Thanks for bringing them to my attention. ♫

  3. Rosa Hatfield

    Right now my favorites are post-apocalyptic stories. My favorite author in that genre is Angela White, favorite series Life After War. I am an avid reader and will read most anything; even cereal boxes.

  4. Elizabeth Jensen

    I love Mysteries and I have shelves and shelves of books. I was just getting ready to start Anne Cleves’ Vera Stanhope mysteries. Vera Stanhope just happens to be an avid birder.

  5. Patricia Berry

    My favorite books to read are historical fiction and historical. Having said that, I truly love most all books.

  6. Janice

    Love the Bob White mystery series. I also love Amish mysteries oh heck I just love Mysteries! I have read several of these as well as a few other authors that special In mysteries involving birds and birding.

  7. K Harry

    I read more nonfiction now, especially on science and nature, politics, and social issues. I do enjoy good fiction, too!

  8. Dorinda Wade

    I love mysteries! They have been my favorites since Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were introduced to me 50 years ago! But I also read a lot of historical fiction.

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