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Bird Costumes for All Ages

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Any birder who enjoys dressing up – for Halloween, cosplay, masquerade parties, festival contests, or just for fun – can’t resist a bird-themed costume. But how accurate are these costumes, and can they help you show off your birding passion?

Artistic Feathered Costume
Artistic Feathered Costume – Photo by Martin SoulStealer

Types of Bird Costumes

There are several costume styles that can feature feathered fashion. Mascot-style costumes are those with exaggerated features in order to be seen from a distance, and they are typically structured for free movement so the wearer can make grand gestures to pump up a crowd. Children’s costumes, on the other hand, focus on the cuteness of a bird and are more comfortable, easily worn costumes for younger birders, from infants to toddlers to preteens. Adult costumes have a greater variety of styles, from classic, simple costumes to more elaborate, stylized designs and even to “sexy” bird themes, all in adult sizes.

Which costume you choose depends not only on your age and style preferences, but the reason for wearing the costume. A mascot costume, for example, is not only ideal for a sporting event or other promotional wear, but could also be best for wearing in a parade or joining in a school carnival. Children’s costumes are great for any youth event, of course, but adult costumes have much more variability. A sexy-style bird is best kept for an adults-only party, but simple costumes are perfect for all sorts of situations, including fall festivals. Stylized designs with more elaborate markings can be showstoppers, particularly for costume contests or bird festivals where others will be on the lookout for the very best costumes.

Mascot Costumes

There are many bird-themed costumes in mascot styles, complete with oversized feet, flexible wings, and full head masks. Try these fun options to make a big birding impact!

  • Bald Eagle – Full plush costume with a fierce, glaring grin
  • Owl Onesie – Easy adult-sized owl onesie costume
  • Macaw Parrot – Complete, colorful parrot costume with open bill
  • Unisex Chicken – Lightweight onesie-style chicken with face opening
  • Green Bird – Generic songbird, full coverage costume in bright green

Children’s Costumes

Kids can look cute in nearly any bird costume, and there are many different options for youngsters to take flight with bird-themed costumes.

Adult Costumes

Many birding festivals and nature centers host costume contests, and a bird-themed costume is the perfect choice. These costumes and costume accessories are a bit more detailed and can impress even the most fashionista birders.

Have you ever dressed up as a bird? Share your costume creations in the comments!

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