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Giveaway Time – 2 Feeder Sets!

The votes from the Be Your Own Birder Facebook page are in, and it’s time for our next giveaway! What better giveaway to do in spring than new hummingbird feeders to welcome these flying gems back to the yard? Enter below for your chance to win!

Giveaway Time!

The Feeder Set to Win

This month’s giveaway is a stunning one – a Lil Sweety, one of the very best hummingbird feeders ever, with innovative design and nearly indestructible construction. It’s easy to clean, and even dishwasher safe!

Lil Sweet Feeder
Lil Sweety Feeder

The giveaway, however, is not just for a Lil Sweety feeder, but a complete feeder set. This includes the feeder as well as a hanging hook and a window hanger with both screw-in brackets and suction cups. With these hanging accessories, the feeder could be hung from a branch or shepherd’s hook, stuck to a window, or attached to a pole, wall, or fence. With this many options you can place this hummingbird feeder wherever the birds are sure to enjoy it most!

Furthermore, the winner will also receive a matching Bling Swing to give hummingbirds another perch to enjoy as they watch over what is sure to become their very favorite feeding station.

And not just one, but TWO feeder sets are going to be given away! One in the classic red, another in a beautiful cobalt blue. Don’t worry, hummingbirds will love either color!

Red and Blue Lil Sweety Feeders and Bling Swings
Red and Blue Lil Sweety Feeders and Bling Swings

Enter the Giveaway

To enter this amazing giveaway, all you have to do is answer the following question in the comments below…

Where would you hang a Lil Sweety feeder,
and which color (red or blue) would you prefer?

A valid email must be entered in the comment form to be contacted if you win, and the giveaway is only open to participants in the United States. The package will ship via USPS directly from Be Your Own Birder. By entering, participants agree to the Giveaway Guidelines. Entries will close Wednesday, May 25, 2022, when the two winners will be randomly selected. Get your entry in, and soon you and your hummingbirds could soon be enjoying a new feeder and swing!

Congratulations to Linda Sylvester for
winning a feeder set and swing!

Post-Giveaway Note: Due to unresponsive winners, only one feeder set was awarded.
Stay tuned for more giveaways to come!

29 thoughts on “Giveaway Time – 2 Feeder Sets!

  1. Elizabeth C Jensen

    I would hang it on a shepherd’s hook over the flower bed where I grow flowering plants specifically for Hummingbirds and Bees. I’m not picky about the color of the feeder. I would let the other winner pick first.

  2. Joan Maberry

    Although I think the blue is pretty, I know for sure that the hummers visit red ones. I’d hang outside on my porch, where I can watch them visit and drink my homemade nectar

  3. Daniel Scott

    I would hang it in near my bow window so I could see them from the great room. I would like either color.

  4. Leisa Royse

    If hang out from a Shephards hook in my garden above all the flowers I’ve planted from them.. And be able to see from so many sitting spots. Love the swing. Red is my favorite color!

  5. Rosa Hatfield

    I would hang it in a small area outside my front door where I have always had good luck getting hummers to come to feeders. I can watch them from my kitchen window and only be 10 feet away. I like both colors but would prefer red because I already have a red hummer swing so a pair would be nice.

  6. Patricia Berry

    Under the eaves outside our sliding door. This way my husband (who is wheelchair bound) could enjoy watching too. We have one out there now .. but this one is HUGE 🙂 So far the most hummers we’ve had on the feeder at one time is 4, but generally it is 2 or 3. Red would be my choice.

  7. Dale

    I would give it to my sister, who is getting her own place at the end of June. She’s really gotten interested in birds recently, and is obsessed with the Merlin app I just recommended to her.

  8. Terri Holshouser

    I would love the red since that color seems to attract the hummers. I would have this near my flowers so they could have a choice of natural nectar or the nectar from the feeder 😊

  9. Barb Oxley

    I have a couple feeders out every year. I usually get one or two hummers. I would love any advice on how to attract more. Thanks for my chance to enter the giveaway.

  10. Janis Sperry

    I would hang it outside my office window so I can enjoy watching the little hummingbirds while I work. I typically prefer red feeders.

  11. Lee Khachaturian

    I would hang it from a branch on a tree in the front of my house, right outside my kitchen window, where I spend a lot of time and where I can easily see it. I would love the red one — it would match my front door!

  12. Brian Beauchene

    I would hang it in my backyard, away from my other feeders, perhaps on a hook. I like the red one better, thanks for thinking of us!

  13. Cheryl Adamik

    I would hang the feeder on the apple tree in front of my living room window so I would be able to watch the hummers (I have lots of trees but they are quite a bit farther away from the window than my apple tree.)

    As to color, even though I know they would dine on a blue feeder, I’m not that crazy about the color blue & would prefer red.

    Thanks for all you do Melissa!

  14. Sheila Berteau

    I would put it on my window where I bird watch .Color not picky . could use a new feeder,Thanks

  15. Heather S

    I’m a nurse and work remotely from home soI would hang this outside my studio window and enjoy watching the birds all day! I would la la LOVE the red (pretty please).

  16. Linda Sylvester

    I’d hang the blue one in my garden to see if they like the red or blue better since we have the red one.

  17. Barb Gammon

    I would hang it near the backyard pool. So I would have a good view of it. Red or Blue is fine for me

  18. Richard Smith

    I like the classic red one. I would hang it on a shepherds hook next to hanging flower baskets.

  19. Myrtle Mullins

    would really enjoy ,watching the birds,while birdies would get their tummys full. i think red ,bird seems to like bright colors.

  20. Liz Blackwood

    I would hang it in my garden, right outside my kitchen bay window. That way I could enjoy the hummingbirds both when I’m out gardening and when I’m inside. I love the red!

  21. Brenda Morris

    I always choose red but I think the blue would work if I put red ribbon on it. I would definitely put it in my backyard at the opposite end from my other feeder so my hummers can maybe not fight over their food!

  22. Karla Fletcher

    I would hang outside dining room near hot tub and red definitely. So cute !

  23. Lorelei Kelley

    I would prefer the blue one. If I won I would hang it in my back yard so I could look out the door and watch the hummingbirds

  24. Doreen Michaud

    I would add them to the ones my neighbors and I have hanging in our back yards. They take turns “claiming” and defending the 3 we currently have hanging. Adding more would give the rest a chance to use without being bombed by others. Both colors are nice.

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