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Duck Jokes

Birds always make us smile, and ducks are some of the most smiling birds of all with their quirky, quacky grins. Enjoy these ducks, puns, and memes to bring a smile to your day!

Laughing Puna Teals - Photo by Martin Pettitt
Laughing Puna Teals – Photo by Martin Pettitt

Laugh Like a Duck

Q: Why did the duck not go to the vet?
A: Because the duck thought the doctor was a quack!

Q: Why was the duck put into the basketball game?
A: To make a fowl shot.


Q: What time does a duck wake up in the morning?
A: At the quack of dawn.

Q: What do you call a crate full of ducks?
A: A box of quackers!

Duck Army

Q: What is a duck’s favorite sea monster?
A: The quacken.

Q: What did the duck say to the banker?
A: My bill is bigger than yours!

Duck Power

Q: Who stole the soap?
A: The robber ducky.

Q: What are a duck’s favorite type of television shows?
A: Duckumentaries!

Duck Love

Q: What do you call a duck that wins the lottery?
A: A lucky duck!

Q: Why was the teacher annoyed with the duck?
A: It wouldn’t stop quacking jokes!

What are you favorite duck jokes? Share more quackin’ good laughs in the comments, or check out our owl jokes, turkey jokes, penguin jokes, flamingo jokes, or hummingbird jokes for more fun feathered giggles!

Smiling Mallard - Photo by Michael
Smiling Mallard – Photo by Michael

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