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A New Opportunity

Once again, words don’t flow as freely as they once did, but not for lack of words to be had. In the past few weeks, I’ve spread my wings to a new opportunity, one that may never come again, but that I feel compelled to test the winds with and see just how high I may fly.

Soaring Free - Photo by Bud
Soaring Free – Photo by Bud

What This Means for Be Your Own Birder

Because of this opportunity – which is currently usurping 12+ hours per day at a minimum, and relegating me to just about five hours of sleep per night, much of which is filled with strangely related dreams – posts will be fewer and further between for the time being. The learning curve I’m on is a steep and demanding one, and for now there is precious little time left for anything else, and what few minutes I may have to spare are best spent trying desperately to get just one more baby step ahead. But…

  • There will still be posts to come, just less regularly and with less predictability.
  • Social media updates will likewise be less regular and not regimented on a schedule.
  • Giveaways are suspended for the time being, but are planned to resume in the future.
  • Email responses for bird identification and other questions may be much slower than typical.

Above all, Be Your Own Birder is not going away, just on a bit of a migration at the moment.

There Will Always Be Birds

Despite this new opportunity helping me fly in a direction I’ve been considering for years, birds are still a strong part of my life and even every flap in the winds of this new path. To perform as well as I might, I have to…

  • Have the energy of a hyperactive hummingbird.
  • Develop the endurance of an albatross to stay aloft.
  • Have an eagle eye to spot trouble from afar.
  • Be as creative and enterprising as a conniving jay.
  • Embrace the adaptability of a house sparrow.
  • Attack resources like a scavenging gull.
  • Laugh like a kookaburra before I’m overwhelmed.

Will this work out? I don’t know. For now, the opportunity is a temporary one, but there are possibilities on the horizon, however shrouded in fog they may be at the moment. But if we don’t fly into the fog, we’ll never find the light on the other side.

Rufous Hummingbird - Photo by NPS/Andy Bridges
Rufous Hummingbird – Photo by NPS/Andy Bridges

I thank you for sticking with Be Your Own Birder through this uncertainty, for understanding that we all have different paths and occasionally we have to take a new flight to find our way. As this opportunity may develop, I will share more details and provide updates as available. Good thoughts are appreciated, and I wish the same for you, on whatever flight you find yourself.

Let’s fly.

15 thoughts on “A New Opportunity

  1. Rob Dosier

    Any assistance I can offer, of any sort whatever, please do not hesitate to call on me, and I am not exaggerating in the slightest.

    1. Mayntz Post author

      Thanks so much, Rob, that’s so very sweet of you! Here’s hoping I find a balance sooner rather than never.

  2. Judi

    Congratulations on this exciting new opportunity. Thanks for all of your birding wisdom thus far. I look forward to your next posts whenever they may appear.

  3. Alesia Hansen

    I wish you the best with your new endeavors.
    You will do wonderful. You are such a kind person you deserve every opportunity.
    To the sky and fly 🦅

  4. Rosa Hatfield

    Melissa, you owe it to yourself to go where your opportunity leads you. I am happy for you. Will you be at liberty at some time in the future to tell us more about this opportunity? I have followed you since the About Forum Birds & Wild Birding forums and I would like to find you again. Best of luck in your endeavor! Fly high and proud!

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