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Giveaway Time – Galapagos Birds!

The Galapagos Islands is home to more than 40 endemic bird species, and along with its other amazing wildlife, is a dream destination for birders. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to restrict travel (though Ecuador has resumed some tourist travel, subject to proper precautions), many birders aren’t able to visit. Furthermore, the difficulties of planning a South American trip to an isolated and heavily protected region, not to mention the cost, can make birding in the Galapagos an extreme challenge. But you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the birds of these marvelous islands – it’s time for a Galapagos giveaway!

Giveaway Time!

The Book to Win

Galapagos Birds: A Photographic Voyage is a peaceful, relaxing walk through a day in these amazing islands, without needing to leave your home or even your favorite chair. Featuring more than 50 photos and simple text to share the story of the birds’ activities, this book is a gentle look at birdlife in the Galapagos, providing a virtual visit that you can enjoy over and over, without the need for convoluted travel plans, an extensive budget, or health testing.

Galapagos Birds
Galapagos Birds

Enter the Giveaway!

A hardcover copy is up for one lucky winner, who will be randomly chosen from all eligible entries. To enter, simply answer this question in the comments…

What is your dream birding destination?

Of course, your answer doesn’t have to be the Galapagos Islands! You must, however, include a valid email address to be contacted if you win, and the contest is only open to participants in the United States. The book will ship from Be Your Own Birder; by entering, all participants agree to the Giveaway Guidelines. Entries will close on September 27, 2020, and the winner will be randomly selected at that time. Good luck, and happy birding!

Galapagos Sunset - Photo by Pedro Szekely
Galapagos Sunset – Photo by Pedro Szekely

The entry period has ended and comments are now closed.

Congratulations to Diane Marshman
for winning Galapagos Birds!

12 thoughts on “Giveaway Time – Galapagos Birds!

  1. Michele Dreger

    I always wanted to go to the Galapagos. One day as I was leading a bird tour, a boy, about 12 years old, told me that he had just come back from the Galapagos. I told him it was my dream. He told me that it wasn’t as good as he thought it would be. The water was so cold he had to wear a wetsuit and the birds were all brown! He told me his new favorite birding spot is anywhere in the United States. Until he sees all the birds of the US he won’t enjoy anywhere else.

  2. Geraldine Ann Marshall

    The Galapagos would be at the top of my list. I have a degree in zoology and am fascinated by Darwin’s study of the island species.

  3. Rosann Ferraro

    The Galapagos!! I would love to see all the unique and amazing wildlife, especially the Blue Footed Boobies!

  4. Alesia Hansen

    I would absolutely love to bird the Galápagos Islands.
    That would be so awesome. When I first started bird watching. That was one that always wanted to visit! Whoot whoot❤️

  5. Sheila Berteau

    It’s hard to pick just one place. I love a new sighting in my own yard! I love to travel but discovering a new visitor is the beas!

    1. Mel Cunningham

      Wish we had more rather than the usual suspects here. The other side of our lake has colorful birds, us, not so much but I enjoy ours and feed.

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