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Eagle Jokes

Eagles can be noble, majestic, and magnificent – but did you know they can also be funny? Enjoy this collection of eagle-themed jokes, puns, and funny stuff!

Does a bald eagle laugh at eagle jokes? - Photo by Andy Morffew
Does a bald eagle laugh at eagle jokes? – Photo by Andy Morffew

Laugh Like an Eagle

Q: What bird needs to wear a wig?
A: A bald eagle!

Q: How does an eagle greet its prey?
A: Pleased to eat you!

Q: Why is the eagle a bird of many skills?
A: He’s talon-ted!

Q: How can you tell if an eagle has an identity crises?
A: He watches you like a hawk.

Q: What do you call a bird so sick it’s breaking the law?
A: Ill-eagle.

Q: What is an eagle’s favorite dog breed?
A: A beagle!

Q: What bird never needs a comb?
A: A bald eagle!

To Mock a Killingbird Comic

Q: What did the birder say when she mistook an eagle for a hawk?
A: Well, this is hawkward!

Q: What do you call an eagle that lands on a church steeple?
A: A bird of pray.

Q: What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with an eagle?
A: A lifetime ban from the zoo.

Q: Why don’t bald eagles tell knock-knock jokes?
A: Because freedom rings!

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