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Got an Hour for the Birds?

Daylight saving time, or summer time, can be confusing and tricky to remember for resetting clocks, being on time, making deadlines, and keeping appointments. There is no doubt, however, that where this time adjustment is practiced, the “extra” hour of time every fall as the saving ends and clocks are set back is a welcome treat. Birders can put the time to good use with any of these projects – while each one may take more than a minute, choosing one can be a great way to put your extra 60 minutes of time to use for the birds!

Clock Face – Photo by Jamie Davies

Daylight Saving Time Projects for Birds

When you have an extra hour after setting your clocks back…

What other ways do you have to enjoy birding and birds when you have a few minutes to spare, whether it is due to clock adjustments, completed chores, or a precious bit of extra time? Share your favorite birding go-tos in the comments!

Vintage Alarm Clock – Photo by Marco Verch

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