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Draw a Fun Flamingo!

Do you draw birds? Some birders keep drawings as part of a birding journal or sketchbook, and drawing birds can be a great way to get more familiar with bird sizes, proportions, body parts, and field marks. And it can just be fun! Learn to draw a fun flamingo with this quirky video, and customize it to match the colors and field marks of your favorite flamingo.

While the flamingos we see in the field may not look quite like this cutie, they can be some of the most fun birds to draw, and even if your drawing isn’t quite exactly like the wild flamingos you might see, it will still be instantly recognizable as one of these long-legged, distinctive waders. So pick up your favorite shade of pink pencil, marker, pen, paint, or crayon, and have fun bringing your own flamingo to life!

Pink Pencil
Pink Pencil – Photo by Marco Verch

Not willing to trust your skills at drawing flamingos of any style? Check out our amazing photo gallery of lesser flamingos instead!

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