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Smile for the Penguin!

No matter how chilly the weather, penguins are always something to smile about. These feisty little birds have captured the hearts of birders and non-birders worldwide, and they’re always fun to watch. But what about when the penguin is watching you instead?

We’ve all had this happen, in one way or another. Maybe it’s the rare bird sighting that happened the day AFTER you visited a favorite location, or the bird that landed in perfect light just a few feet away when you didn’t have your camera. It could even be the perfect birding weather just after you’ve gotten rain-soaked or snow-frozen while out birding, or the lifer you struggled to get that showed up at your feeders the next week. But if you can just smile about each time, you’ll remember the fun and excitement of each situation and all the unexpected pleasure and surprises that birds can bring!

Chinstrap Penguin – Photo by Christopher Michel

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