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2018 Bird Lover Holiday Wish List

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A big part of Be Your Own Birder is acknowledging – and celebrating – that we all have lives beyond birding, with other passions, commitments, and hobbies. Yet birds fly into different parts of our lives and bring us all together, and there are many great ways to enjoy birds that don’t involve going out into the field with binoculars and a field guide. Each year I bring you a holiday wish list that embraces just that – enjoying birds without birding, and at the same time introducing you a bit more to the non-birding parts of this birder’s life. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Decorations – Photo by Nick Amoscato
  • Birds on a Wire Mold – I love baking, soaps, and sandcastles, and this durable mold can be used for all three to create a stunning scene of seven detailed birds perched together. What a fun holiday project to make gifts for others, or great to use year-round!
  • Lawn Flamingos – I’m embracing the Florida life with a beach theme to my master bedroom and a lime green front door on my home, but my lawn is lacking that something extra. Yes, they may be tacky, but a pair of lawn flamingos will add a colorful touch!
  • Penguin Socks – My feet are always cold, and what more whimsical way to warm up than with penguin socks. This 5-pack of cotton crew socks is a good deal, and each pair is a different color and covered with fun penguins to keep every toe toasty.
  • Chickadees in Lilacs Cross Stitch Kit – I’ve been cross stitching for over 30 years, and this is one of the most beautiful bird patterns I’ve seen, one of my favorite birds and a setting of my favorite flowers. I own this kit myself, and can’t wait to work on it!
  • Backyard Birds Wall Calendar – I always prefer a wall calendar, and I still write birthdays and other reminders on it so I can see everything with one easy glance. This calendar features 12 amazing birds, ideal even if your calendar doesn’t have time for birding!
  • Birds on Books Bookend Set – I’m a voracious reader (100+ books every year), and good bookends are hard to find. This charming bronze-tone set will keep all your books, including field guides, in good order, no matter who your favorite authors may be.
  • Ceramic Owl Bank – I collect pennies and always keep a close eye on spare change, and this cute owl bank can easily do both. With several colors to choose from, whoooo wouldn’t want to enjoy all the fun of saving with these adorable banks?
  • Bird Print Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – I have no idea how my glasses always get so dirty, but I do know that microfiber cloths are excellent for cleaning them – as well as for cleaning all sorts of screens. This bird print is a fun and colorful option.

I hope your wish list has many fun bird- and non-bird items this year, and that you find many ways to enjoy birds in different aspects of your life. Share your bird-themed gift items in the comments, and embrace all the non-birding in your life just as much as you love birds!

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