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Parrot Gang Wars – Funnier Than You Think

There’s nothing funny about gang violence and turf wars – except when it’s a pair of parrot flocks that can’t quite figure out why they’re upset. Maybe someone took someone else’s seed, or someone’s been dealing in spoiled suet, or someone pushed ahead of someone else for a drink… But whatever the case, it’s a very real insult and problem for these feisty flocks!

While these are obviously pet birds – sun conures on the left, and jenday conures on the right – (wild birds wouldn’t likely be hanging out in what appears to be a kitchen cabinet), wild parrots can be just as argumentative, loud, and determined to protect their favorite food sources, watering holes, or nesting sites. Admittedly, I don’t think these birds have a clue what they’re arguing about, but it’s obviously important to them.

But let’s look at the video more closely… Despite their obvious upset, no birds were harmed in the making of this video, and while they may have their differences, they do settle down – some even stop their friends from overreacting. We can all use those lessons when we’re stressed out in the middle of the work week, so just take a deep breath, and smile, because there’s always something to smile about!

Sun Conure – Photo by Brian Gratwicke

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