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Have a (Bird) Cookie!

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December 4 is National Cookie Day, though I don’t personally think just one day is enough to celebrate all the deliciousness that is cookies. Of course, many people are baking extra cookies this month to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, often pulling out those once-a-year classic recipes that are truly the taste of the holiday season. I do it myself, using heirloom chocolate chip, peanut butter, no-bake, and sugar cookie recipes only at this time of year. But while you’re baking cookies, you can celebrate the birds as well! Why not give your holiday cookies a birdy appeal with bird-themed cookie cutters?

This fun set of cookie cutters has all your favorite birds – a songbird, a hummingbird, a gull, a dove, an eagle, and a crested songbird for a cardinal or jay. The smallest is 3.5″ and the largest is 4.5″, great sizes for cookies but not so tiny that details are lost when baking. Because these are tin-plated steel, they’re sure to last for many baking sessions and holiday seasons.

Want more specialized bird cookie cutters to enjoy? Try these fun options…

What a wonderful flock you can make with all these options! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to use your bird cookie cutters to make some birdseed ornaments and give your backyard birds a treat to celebrate this tasty day. Happy birding, and happy National Cookie Day!

Festive Cookie Cutters

Festive Cookie Cutters – Photo by Didriks

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