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A Happy Goose for a Happy Smile

We all need a bit of happiness in our lives, especially when the work week is long and demanding and life just seems to get in the way. But can your happiness compare to a sweet smart bar-headed goose that has learned just how to get his favorite treats?

This video makes me smile in different ways. Not only are these cute, attractive birds, and the dance is just adorable, but I love that the feeding is at least somewhat healthy. While we can’t quite see exactly what is being offered to make this goose so happy, and by the color it does appear to be some sort of bread, at least they’re only offering small, controlled bites rather than dumping huge amounts to create a mess and cause other problems.

Feeding birds bread is never a superb, nutritious choice, but as a very, very rare treat, it isn’t always so bad – much like we can occasionally eat a candy bar, brownie, or ice cream without completely destroying our own diets and nutritional balance. If this type of feeding birds at a local park makes other people smile, and helps give more people an appreciation for birds, that is what Be Your Own Birder is about, and is certainly something to smile about.

Now, go get a treat of your own and smile!

Bar-Headed Goose

Bar-Headed Goose – Photo by Jo Garbutt

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