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Your Normal Face – With a Smile

Have you ever had one of those days, or weeks, where everyone seems to think something’s wrong, but that’s just how you look? They keep asking and asking – “What’s wrong?” “Are you feeling all right?” “What’s bothering you?” – until the answers go from “Nothing” to “I’m fine” to “Well, now you are!” But even in a bad week, you can find something to smile about.


Firecrest – Photo by Ron Knight

We often see expressions on birds’ faces, from the cute and curious looks of the long-tailed tit to the devious mischief of jays to the gentle wisdom of owls. But have you ever thought that just maybe, those are just their faces? Perhaps they’re smiling back at us, giggling at the silly humans, or perhaps they’re even engaged in their own human-watching as they try to puzzle out different species, note behaviors, and wonder how, possibly, they could help with human conservation, or even how they could control such an invasive species.What's Wrong FaceOr maybe those are just their regular faces! No matter how bad the work week may be, make a smile your normal face today, and have a great day!

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