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Oh Fudge, It’s the Wednesday Smile!

Whether it’s work, school, or home, times can be frustrating and occasionally we express that frustration with a bit of language that our mothers, grandmothers, teachers, bosses, priests, or other authority figures might not necessarily appreciate. This isn’t language appropriate for public use (despite how much we may hear it in different areas), and it’s not professional or polite, but sometimes, these words might be just the words we need. Just make sure you’re not overheard by the wrong people!

Cursing OwlWhatever words you need to express your week or work out your frustration, hopefully they might help you make it through the mid-week doldrums on your way to the weekend. And if not, there’s always fudge! (Even if you didn’t really say fudge…)


Fudge (no matter what you call it!) – Photo by Martin Pettitt

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