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Smiling at Birds in Rio

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It may only be Wednesday, but sometimes what you need to do to get through the work week is to party like it’s already Friday. There’s no better way to do that than with a flock of tropical feathered friends in the party capital of the world, Rio de Janeiro!

Rio is one of my favorite bird movies, and while it’s meant for a younger crowd with its talking birds, colorful palettes, and quirky characters, the movie actually touches on some very important topics for birders. The illegal poaching of birds, the compassion of wildlife rehabilitators, the plight of endangered species, the trickiness of captive breeding… All these topics are part of this amazing movie, making it not only a great bird conservation introduction for young audiences, but also an enjoyable story for conscientious birders of any age. The colorful cast of different bird species is another fun bonus – how many can you name?

Watch Rio today and get yourself through the work week with a flick full of smiles!

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro – Photo by mariordo59

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