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Relax for Your Wednesday Smile

Sometimes the work week is nothing but tension and stress, with tight muscles, soreness and aches. A relaxing massage can do wonders to make you feel better and be ready to face the rest of the week no matter what tasks await, just like this week’s smile-worthy bird discovered!

Note the bland office setting – bare walls, computer, pens and pencils in a recycled tin. This type of environment can really make the work days drag. But a good massage, evenly applied to both sides of sore muscles or pain, gently easing the stiffness and drawing away the tension, can really set you at ease. Just don’t fall off your office chair, or your coworkers will be smiling (and laughing) as well! But hey, you’re the one with the masterful massage, so let them giggle – and you can all get back to work in a better mood!

Happy Wednesday, and happy birding!

Japanese White-Eye

Japanese White-Eye – Photo by Big Ben in Japan

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