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Keep Cool and Dive In to Summer Birdy Fun!

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Summer is a relatively slow season for birding, when birds are more secretive as they nest and temperatures are too high for extensive outdoor activity. While morning and evening birding can still be amazing, and young bird families begin visiting the feeders, what’s a birder to do during the hot hours of the afternoon and still enjoy birds? Keep cool in the pool with a fun bird float!

Peacock Pool Float

Whether you’re jumping in your own backyard pool, sharing the water with a neighbor or family member, on vacation at a hotel or resort or visiting a local lake, pond or other watering hole, a float is a great way to relax. You can gently rock while you scan the skies for any passing birds, or you can read your favorite birding book or nap and dream about birds while you peacefully float along. And exactly how you float can show off your birding style when you choose a fashionable feather-esque float, such as…

As if those birds aren’t enough for all your floaty fun this summer, don’t forget floating cupholders for your summer beverages, such as a set of three (two swans and a flamingo), or a set of six shimmering flamingos for a larger party. You’ll be enjoying stylish summer fun and sharing your love of birds in no time!

Pool Water Reflection
Pool Water Reflection – Photo by Lee Coursey

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