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The Power of Flocks

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Bird flocks can be amazing things, even more so when they work together – as our Wednesday Smile flock is this week! With just a couple more days to go until the premier of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (I’m totally a fan of the franchise – I’ve always loved dinosaurs, I couldn’t count how many times I’ve seen all four movies, and one of my first computers was named Raptor!), this week’s smile is a good giggle and a good warning to watch out for the power of flocks!Flamingo RexWhile I do find it a tiny bit improbable that even the biggest stand or flamboyance of flamingos would be quite so aggressive, it’s all in good fun. And you can add such fun to your own yard if you buy your very own pair of classic lawn flamingos! No matter what day of the week you see them, they’re always sure to make you smile.

Tyrannosaur Smile

Tyrannosaur Smile – Photo by Elena Regina

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