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Break Time for Maintenance and Overhaul!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since first launching Be Your Own Birder, but what a wild flight that year has been! There’s been a lot to learn, refine and balance, without losing the core of encouraging everyone to enjoy birds in their own way. But it’s time for a brief break as the site is reworked and adjusted, not to mention the outside issues of this one-woman show that need attending to beyond birding.

But never fear, the site will be back, with more features than ever! Things to look forward to taking flight in the weeks to come include…

  • Updated and renovated bird profiles featuring trivia and how-to-see species tips.
  • Launch of the Birder’s Bookshelf library with recommended field guides and books.
  • Side-by-side comparison articles to help you puzzle out tricky bird identifications.
  • Prize giveaways of feeders, books and other bird-related fun stuff.

In the meantime, however, my non-birding life needs a bit of attention, including a long-delayed cross-country hauling trip, settling in with a brand-new and much advanced computer, several rooms of furniture rearranging, catching up with business client commitments and more. So forgive me if posts and communication get a bit sparse for the next couple of weeks, but I’ll be flying back into the craziness soon enough. And as always, no matter where life takes you, happy birding!

Sunset Bird

Sunset Bird – Photo by Mike Baird

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