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A Thirsty Wednesday Smile

Sometimes we all need a drink to make it through the work week, whether that drink is an extra shot of caffeine or soda, a calming tea, a rich cocoa, a nutritious smoothie, or, let’s face it, something stronger that may not always be suitable for work. But I’m not sure I’ve ever needed a drink so badly as this crazy sun conure!

Sun conures – also called sun parakeets – are native to South America. Though they may look familiar, since these birds are heavily bred for the pet trade, in the wild they are actually endangered and at risk of extinction. Habitat loss and poaching for the pet trade or to use the birds’ colorful plumage are the greatest risks to these beautiful birds. Today, it is believed there are more sun conures living as pets in captivity than exist in the wild – a fact that should drive any birder crazy enough to need a drink!

Keep smiling; the work week is halfway over and the weekend is on the way!

Sun Conure

Sun Conure – Photo by Darren Bellerby

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