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The Votes Are In – Changes Coming!

Changes are coming to the Bird of the Week feature! I recently ran a poll on the Facebook page discussing potential changes to our weekly birds. In order to be more unique and highlight birds in unique and creative ways, rather than with basic profiles, I offered several options.

  • Creating profiles that are primarily photography, with several pictures of each bird.
  • Using just one photo, but focusing on interesting trivia and fun facts about each species.
  • Offering more detailed tips about where to see each bird and how to add it to your life list.

While there was some interest in each option, the overwhelming choice – with 44 percent of the votes – was to see more trivia and interesting facts about the birds. In second place 27 percent of votes favored learning where to see each species. Fortunately, because I’m a one-woman show and can run this site to suite my needs and the interest of my readers, I’m going to do both! Stay tuned for a new featured bird next week, with a new profile format and the trivia and where-to-see details YOU asked for. Happy birding!

Voting Checkbox

Voting Checkbox – Image by LWVC

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