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Step Into the Wednesday Smile!

Sometimes you can only take the work week one step at a time, and those steps can be especially hard when it’s only Wednesday and you still have a long way to go before the weekend. And we all slip up now and then, getting overwhelmed with too much to do, unexpected emergencies or changing plans. But even if you end up like this emu, remember – you can get back up again and keep stepping in the right direction!

Of course, you’d think a flightless bird, one that has evolved more powerful legs for walking and running, might be just a bit more graceful on those legs. But never fear, the bird is fine, and like we all ought to do, it just shakes off the misstep and moves along (though perhaps a bit more cautiously). Whether you get there fast or slow, no matter what street you’re walking or what path you have to take to get there, you will get there, one step at a time!


Emu – Photo by Harry Metcalfe

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