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Wednesday Smile: Take the Leap!

Are you facing a big mid-week obstacle? Maybe it’s an important meeting, a tight deadline, a new project or just an overwhelming to-do list, and Friday just seems too far away. Let this week’s Wednesday Smile inspire you to take that first leap and jump right in!

Baby ducklings may look sweet and vulnerable, but they’re little bundles of can-do as they fearlessly leap from 20, 30 or even 40 feet in the air as they leave the nest for the first time (wood ducks, mergansers, buffleheads and many other types of ducks will nest in high cavities). They flutter and wiggle as they fall, then easily bounce right on up to be on their merry way. If sweet little ducklings can jump in despite the difficulties, so can you!


Ducklings – Photo by Steve Arena/USFWS

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