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True Owl Facts to Smile About!

The Wednesday Smile is intended to help everyone through the middle of the work week, but that doesn’t mean all smiles have to be purely silly – they can be educational too! Personally I like the “cotton ball that grew a face” as well as how one owl is “playing” with its friend. What’s your favorite part of these true facts?

The fun part is, all the facts presented in the video actually are true (okay, I’m not sure about the German fairy tale, and I’m pretty sure owls don’t call humans “apes of the hamburger”), and show just how fascinating these birds can be. Of course, there’s a few facts they missed – be sure to check out these fun facts about owls to learn even more owl trivia to help you smile!

Mexican Spotted Owlet

Mexican Spotted Owlet (Cottonball Impression) – Photo by NPS/Sarah Stio

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