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A Chilly Wednesday Smile

Mallard on Ice

Mallard on Ice – Photo by JRMartin Photography

Isn’t it supposed to be spring by now? Many northern birders – once again under a layer of frozen white – might be a bit down this week by the prospect of more cold weather, but this week’s smile can help you get through it. Just keep sliding along, and you’ll slide right into spring before you know it! (Have your speakers on for the cheery music as an extra smile!)

There’s a lesson in this mallard’s cool demeanor. Though we might occasionally slip and things not go quite as we’d planned, we can take it in stride (or is that in slide?), get up, shake our tail feathers, and go about our business all the same. Yes, it still might be icy and snowy for now, but that just means a little longer to enjoy our winter visitors – the redpolls, crossbills, siskins and other birds so grateful for fat-rich foods to sustain them through chilly winter days. And every visit is still worth a smile!

Still not convinced that spring really is on the way? Keep your eyes on the skies – migration is coming, and so are the warblers, hummingbirds, tanagers and more. Soon the trees, bushes and feeding stations will be filled with colorful spring feathers!

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