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Penguins Have Plenty to Smile About!

Welcome to the first Wednesday Smile of 2018 – perfect for our penguin theme this week! While penguins can always make us smile (what’s not to love about these charming birds?), the energetic birds featured in this video can inspire us to meet our goals as well.

The quality of this video is too amazing not to smile about, and the message is perfect for the idea of conquering those new year’s resolutions. Even if you’re smaller than the rest, or maybe don’t fit in perfectly, don’t be afraid to chase down what you want, keep on trying, and be aggressive with your goals. Just like penguins that conquer the odds of living in their harsh environments, you too can thrive and make this year your very best one yet!

Adelie Penguins

Adelie Penguins – Photo by ravas51

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