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Happy Holidays to All!

With altogether too much going on – it’s embarrassing how much I still have to do in the next few days – it’s time to be sure I send all of you happy holiday greetings! No matter what you may celebrate at this time of year or whom you may do it with, I hope you find time for joy, peace and making happy memories. To that end, and so I might have a chance at finishing up not only holiday preparations but also end of the year work for multiple clients (remember how I’m a one-woman show?) and having some time of my own with family, the blog is going on a holiday hiatus, and won’t return until January 8 (owing to some extended holiday travel this year).

Fox Sparrow

Fox Sparrow – Photo by Rita Wiskowski

But never fear, the new year will bring a lot of amazing birdy fun for you to enjoy, including…

  • Bird of the Week featured profiles every Monday
  • Wednesday Smiles to make it through the work week
  • New reviews of field guides, feeders and other birding tools
  • Featured giveaways and contests to win feeders and other items
  • Bird vocabulary lessons so we can all talk the talk
  • Tips and advice on feeding and attracting birds
  • Travel reviews of top birding destinations and hotspots
  • Insights into all sorts of birding adventures and misadventures

Until then, many merry, happy, seasonal greetings to one and all, with hopes for a fabulous new year filled with feathers!

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