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Seasonal Fun for Your Wednesday Smile

Everywhere you go at this time of year there are glittery lights, shiny baubles, choruses of carols, tasty seasonal treats and other holiday hullabaloo. I’m still in the depths of extensive preparation – more boxes to mail at the post office, more holiday cards to send, more goodies to bake, more shopping to do, more decorating to finish and ever more work to get ahead on so I might just be able to take a day or two off to spend with family enjoying the results of all this preparation. It’s a little seasonal fun like this that helps get me through long work days – enjoy your Wednesday smile; I hope it gets you through the work week as well! (Be sure to have your speakers on for the cheery music that accompanies the video!)

Seriously, penguins in holiday garb parading to holiday music – what’s not to love? Happy Wednesday!

African Penguin

African Penguin – Photo by Analise Zocher

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