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Go for a Walk for This Wednesday Smile!

We always ask about the chicken, but why did the duck cross the road? This week’s Wednesday Smile has the answer!

This sweet video can remind us to smile in so many ways. I think it’s charming that this farmer takes such good care of his ducks that he gives them a “day out” to enjoy, and that the village is relatively accommodating to the movements of the flock. Plus, this reminds us that breaking up our normal routine and enjoying a walk outdoors can be good for us all – another reason to smile!

So take a few minutes today to go outside for a quick walk (no matter what the weather), take a few deep breaths and really look around at all the beauty nature provides. Whether you see any ducks or not, you’re sure to smile!

Duck Crossing

Duck Crossing – Photo by Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos

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