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Holiday Time – The 2017 Bird Lover Wish List!

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We all have lives beyond birding, and we all enjoy birds in our own way. To that end, I’d like to introduce my 2017 Bird Lover Wish List – a carefully selected collection of gifts for bird-lovers that help us enjoy these feathered phenomenon in different aspects of our lives, and will give you insights into my own non-birding life as well (what better way to know who is behind this blog?). However you may love birds, these gift ideas can help you remember the joy that birds can bring into your life every day!

Christmas Bows and Baubles

Christmas Bows and Baubles – Photo by Stephen Nakatani

  • Bird-Shaped Cookie Cutters
    I love baking, and I’ve been known to make 30+ different recipes during the holiday season, though they aren’t available for tasting until Christmas morning (a tradition from my childhood). I don’t always make so many, but these bird-shaped cookie cutters in a variety of species shapes would be fun for not only Christmas, but all sorts of delicious baking year-round. Perfect for making goodies for a birding club meeting or field trip snacks too!
  • Watercolor Birds Note Cards
    Not only do I write professionally, but I love to write friendly letters, notes and birthday cards to friends and family members. These watercolor birds note cards would be perfect for almost any occasion, with their cheerful colors and blank-inside format for quick personalized greetings or long paragraphs, depending on the need. I already own quite a few bird-themed stationary designs, but there’s always room for more in order to have the greatest selection for writing to everyone.
  • Owl Socks
    My feet are always cold, especially at night, thanks to an inherited legacy of poor circulation, so I’m almost always wearing socks and slippers, even during summer months. These owl socks would be the perfect solution, and because this is a multi-pack, it’s a great way to get toasty toes without breaking the bank on extra pairs or raising the thermostat. I especially love the shaped cuff on these socks that gives the birds that fun horned appearance.
  • Jeweled Bird Magnets
    I’m always running out of magnets for the fridge as I pin recipes, newspaper clippings, appointment reminders, receipts and other items for easy visibility. I already have a similar set of these jeweled bird magnets in different colors, but the shapes and sizes are the same and they’re some of the best magnets I’ve ever used – strong and powerful, yet still an attractive ornament. I wouldn’t mind adding to the fridge flock!
  • Winter Treats Bird Puzzle
    I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, and they’re especially great fun on rainy days or cold winter nights. This Winter Treats bird puzzle with a varied flock enjoying an open platform feeder on a snowy day is a fun scene, and while I don’t quite understand the inclusion of a western tanager (a summer migrant that would never hang around for snow), it does make for a pretty bird in the picture.
  • Small Bird Candle Holder
    A flickering flame can be a wonderful warm light on a winter’s night, and I love to have a candle burning (safely of course!) in place of night lights or other ambient lighting in the evening. This small bird candle holder is ideal for a tea light or small votive, and can also be used as a jewelry holder or trinket dish if you prefer not to burn candles or just want to use it in other ways when candles aren’t needed.
  • Holiday Rubber Duck Squirtees
    I firmly believe every birder should have a rubber duck, just for fun (I’ve got one in my shower), and these holiday rubber duck squirtees are just the thing for a fun time cleaning up. Whether you prefer baths or showers, they add a bit of whimsy to the clean up routine, and remind us of the innocent, child-like joy we find in birds.
  • Sandpiper Decorator Pillow
    I’m designing our master bedroom linens to coordinate with a beach theme, and there’s no pillow I’ve found more perfect than this sandpiper decorator pillow. The sleek embroidery shows off the details of the birds, and the colors are a wonderful complement to the rest of the bedroom palette. Not to mention I just love the sandpipers we see every time we walk on the beach!

Sandpiper Decorator Pillow

What birdy items do you have in your home or do you wish Santa would bring to you? Share your own bird-themed wishes in the comments!

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