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The Mellowness of Doves

Recently, I relocated a platform feeder in my yard, moving it further into the open and away from the trees and roof that naughty squirrels use to jump on it. Shortly after that move, a pair of common ground-doves discovered the feeder and its bounty, and have become nearly daily guests for brunch or a late lunch, and it’s fascinating to observe their behavior. While it may take them a bit of time to settle into the feeder – first landing on the roof or hanging pole before finally fluttering into the platform itself – they quickly hoover up a goodly bit of seed, but then… They don’t leave.

Common Ground-Dove

Common Ground-Dove at my Bird Bath – Photo by Melissa Mayntz

Doves can be so mellow.

Like raptors, gulls, flamingos, vultures and quail, doves have a crop to store food. They quickly swallow whatever they can gulp down when they find a food source, then relax to digest afterwards. This allows the birds to take advantage of abundant food while putting themselves at risk while feeding – when they are more vulnerable to predators – for as little time as possible. But after the meal, the birds become very calm and reposed, often staying in the same comfortable spot for a considerable time. During that time they do remain alert and will perk up and take flight if necessary, but they prefer to stay still and settled.

For the common ground-doves at my feeder, that might mean perched on the bird bath after that post-prandial drink, resting in a soft hollow of the lawn or even just perched on the edge of the feeder, because moving any further away would be such a bother. At this time they often relax completely, settling down rather than standing, and may even doze a bit with their eyes winking closed. Of course, they are welcome to stay for as long as they like, as it gives me a wonderful opportunity for observation and to admire the subtlety of their soft coloration and delicate markings.

This isn’t the first type of dove I’ve witnessed as mellow, either. I’ve seen a mourning dove so relaxed as to be comfortably nestled on an iron fence railing, completely nonplussed as an afternoon sprinkler passed over it at regular intervals. I’ve also had the pleasure of witnessing Eurasian collared-doves so at ease as to stretch out sunning on the ground for lengthy periods, stretching their wings periodically in a bizarre but soothing type of avian yoga.

We could all learn a lot from doves – just chill.

3 thoughts on “The Mellowness of Doves

  1. Jayne Wilson

    I’m not familiar with this type of dove, but they certainly are pretty. We get mourning doves that like to sunbathe in the corner of our garden, near the birdbath.

  2. ed page

    found a young ground rock Dove sitting underneath a large maple tree i’m the NW Michigan put the youngster in a cardboard box for safety What shook try a fed it? Thnx

    1. Mayntz Post author

      First, if the bird is active and uninjured, simply try releasing it after it’s calm and relaxed – most likely it will be fine and the parents are probably nearby to care for it! Young birds often leave the nest before they can really fly well, so this isn’t unusual. If the bird is injured or far too young (still bald, eyes closed, things like that), contact a local wildlife rehabber for assistance – young birds require very special care and a special diet, so it’s best not to try to feed it (they can also choke very easily). I was born and raised and still visit that area of Michigan – it’s lovely!

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