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A Chip-Tastic Wednesday Smile

Welcome to another Wednesday Smile, a quick bit of bird-related humor to get you through the week! This week’s fun comes to us from Scotland, where a cheeky gull wants to enjoy his chips but doesn’t have the means to pay for the snack. So what’s a sly, sneaky bird to do?

I’m more than a bit of a fiend for Doritos myself. Nacho cheese or cool ranch – they’ve always been my favorite chip, from the time I was a child and that coveted orange bag (years before the blue bag of cool ranch was a thought) was a very rare treat for our all-too-small grocery budget. In college, my fiance sent me care packages with Doritos, and during summers working my way between terms, these chips were essential fuel for long, labor-intensive shifts at one of the world’s largest amusement parks. These days I am able to have more Doritos than my waistline would ever approve of, but I do pay for them honestly. And no, I don’t share them with gulls or any other birds – they’re no healthier for the birds than they are for me!


Doritos – Photo by theimpulsivebuy

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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