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Nonfiction, by definition, is based on truth, and there is a great deal of truthfulness in these nonfiction books about birds and birding. While not all nonfiction is strictly factual – this genre also incorporates opinions, interpretations, and other writing that may include a personal slant or bias – there is a great deal to learn about birds in these nonfiction books about birds. (Newer reviews will be posted at the top; check back often for even more reading suggestions!)

Learn more about birds with a good book. - Photo by Sebastien Wiertz

Nonfiction Books

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Cat Wars
The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer

Cat Wars

Just how damaging are cats to birds, other wildlife, public health, and the environment as a whole? Historically, how have cats evolved and spread as an invasive species? How have they contributed to species’ extinctions, and what other factors are equally – if not even more – critical for wildlife diversity and survival? What impact do cats have today, and how can damaging impacts be mitigated? Cat Wars offers a relatively unbiased and thorough discussion of these and other issues, including possible solutions and how there needn’t be any war at all between cat lovers and bird lovers. Read more…