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Children’s books, both fiction and nonfiction, share an innocence and joy of birds with the youngest readers, and remind older readers of all that is fascinating, mysterious, and magical about birds. From picture books with colorful drawings to dynamic stories for young readers, these books introduce youngsters not just to birds but to reading as well, and offer flights of fancy, discovery, and fun within their pages. (New reviews will be posted often; check back for even more reading suggestions!)

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Peep: The Hundred-Decibel Hummer

Peep The Hundred-Decibel Hummer

Children are fascinated by birds, and Peep: The Hundred-Decibel Hummer can introduce the smallest of birds to the youngest of readers. Based on a true story, this clever and colorful picture book is both instructive and entertaining, and a great way to encourage children’s enthusiasm for birds and promote their interest in helping hummingbirds. Read more…