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Giveaway Time – Butterfly Feeders!

Summer is the time when birders’ thoughts turn to different fluttering wings – butterflies! Birds and butterflies have much in common, including their ability to fascinate birders with bright colors, fantastic flight, and their attraction to beautiful flowers. Now is your chance to delve into the world of butterflies and win your very own butterfly feeder!

Giveaway Time!

The Butterfly Feeder to Win

Butterfly Feeder - Display
Butterfly Feeder – Display

These extraordinary butterfly feeders are constructed by Love My Birds, the same company that designs and manufactures the best hummingbird feeders ever as well as the fun Bling Swings. The butterfly feeders have the same extraordinary polycarbonate construction, giving each feeder strength and durability to withstand not only the attentions of butterflies, but also to resist damage from summer storms, curious wildlife, or accidental drops or bumps.

The feeders include a hexagonal dish reservoir for butterfly nectar or mash, as well as a broad, slightly spiked brim for perching or to attach additional pieces of fruit or a dab of mash for hungry butterflies to nibble. The feeder’s diameter is 10.5 inches (27 centimeters), and the center features a deep, built-in ant moat to deter unwanted insects. Included with the feeder is a polycarbonate hanging hook to hang the feeder from a shepherd’s hook, tree branch, gutter, or awning, as well as a separate window hanger with suction cups and screw-in brackets for mounting flexibility in different locations.

For this giveaway, not one but TWO feeders are available for two different winners to enjoy! The winners will be able to choose the color of the feeder they receive (first winner will have first choice, second winner can choose from the remaining colors). As an added bonus, the winners of both feeders will also receive their own matching Bling Swing!

Butterfly Feeder - Close Up
Butterfly Feeder – Close Up

Enter the Giveaway

Winning this amazing and colorful feeder is easy – just answer the following question in the comments below…

What do you love most about butterflies?

You must include a valid email address in order to be contacted if you win, and the giveaway is only open to participants in the United States. Each box will ship from Be Your Own Birder via USPS priority. By entering, all participants agree to the Giveaway Guidelines. Entries will close July 27, 2021, and the winners will be randomly selected at that time. Get your entry in, and both you and your butterflies may soon be enjoying a new colorful feeder ready for all sorts of summer deliciousness!

Congratulations to Nancy Rapp and Eryn
for winning the butterfly feeders and Bling Swings!

Butterfly Feeder Colors to Choose From - Fuchsia, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red
Butterfly Feeder Colors to Choose From – Fuchsia, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red

12 thoughts on “Giveaway Time – Butterfly Feeders!

  1. Celina Burback

    Oh how beautiful!
    What I love most about butterflies is their diversity, there’s so many kinds and they’re all so wonderful is their own way.
    I especially love monarchs and yellow swallowtails just because I have fond memories of them from my childhood.

  2. Sharon Billings

    I quite simply love the airy, colorful beauty of butterflies. I battle the deer constantly in order to stock my yard with as many butterfly-attracting plants as possible. Butterflies are my #1 love in Nature!

  3. Christine Coslet

    I just love their coloring and how delicate they flying flowers. I get so excited when I see them in my garden. Thank for the chance to win.

  4. Alesia

    They are very gentle and beautiful creatures. I wish more people would respect our natural resources.

  5. Eryn

    Butterflies are like being visited by something otherworldly. Their presence also tells me I’m doing good things with my yard, making a suitable environment for them. I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of loving butterflies.

  6. Jacq

    I love all creatures great & small but butterflies, when they flutter by, are especially delightful!

  7. Elizabeth Jensen

    I’ve had very few Butterflies this year, but starting to see a few more coming through including one of my favorites the Maiden Ladies. I planted a pollinator garden this year and it’s blooming now. Hoping it will help.

  8. Nancy Rapp

    Last year I grew butterfly weed and butterfly bush and other plants to attract them I can getting at least six types of butterflies and I managed to save six monarch butterflies last year I would be great to save some more

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