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Pour Some Joy for Your Birds!

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In the depths of winter, it is vital to keep bird feeders full of nutritious food for a variety of birds. I’ve used many refilling methods over the years, including different scoops, spoons, cups, and even my bare hands to dish seed out of bags and bins. It’s occasionally hard to find one scoop or cup that will fill all my different sizes and shapes of feeders, but with the newly redesigned Pour Joy bag with twist-open spout, it has gotten easier than ever.

Pour Joy No Waste Blend
Pour Joy No Waste Blend – Photo by Melissa Mayntz

This durable bag comes pre-filled with 10 pounds of No Waste, Shell-Free Wild Bird Food. This blend of hulled white proso millet, sunflower hearts, cracked corn, and peanut chunks will appeal to a wide range of bird species, but without any discarded hulls, shells, or other debris that will simply get tossed on the ground and leave an unsightly mess. This seed is ideal for winter feeding (and all year long!), because not only is it a high-calorie, nutritious blend, but there will be no buildup of seed debris under the feeders over the winter months, which means less cleanup  in spring and no money spent on inedible weight in the bag. Furthermore, hulled seeds will not sprout when spring arrives, ensuring that your grass, flowerbeds, and landscape are not filled with unwanted growth if the occasional seed does spill.

The Pour Joy’s innovative spout design eliminates the need for any cups, scoops, or other accessories to fill feeders. Simply unscrew the spout’s cap, tilt the bag, and let the seed flow freely. Squeezing or angling the spout can easily adjust the flow rate, giving you the ultimate control for filling feeders of different sizes and styles. The spout is 1.25 inches in diameter, allowing larger feeders to be filled swiftly, but not so big that the seed flow is too fast or clumsy, and the spout is firmly anchored in the bag.

Pour Joy No Waste Blend - Photo by Pour Joy
Pour Joy No Waste Blend – Photo by Pour Joy

The bag’s initial 10-pound weight is easily manageable. The built-in handle has a comfortable grip to make carrying easy as well, allowing you to refill multiple feeders in different areas without struggling with awkward bags or making multiple trips. Because the handle is on the top side of the bag, it is also easier to pick up than heavy bags that must be picked up from the bottom.

Pour Joy No Waste Blend - Photo by Pour Joy
Pour Joy No Waste Blend – Photo by Pour Joy

The Pour Joy is more than just a bag of birdseed, however. The backside of the bag is filled with helpful information, including brief tips for attracting birds with water and proper feeder placement, the importance of cleaning feeders, and which familiar birds will best enjoy the premium seed blend. Detailed instructions for effectively using the bag are also included, as well as how to adjust the flow rate and how to properly store seed to keep it fresh and nutritious. When stored, the bag’s thickness is resistant to pokes and punctures so no seed is spilled unnecessarily.

The Pour Joy would make a fine gift for any birder, ideally paired with a new bird feeder ready to be filled. The only downside is that once empty, the bag cannot be easily refilled (though if you have a funnel and buy a bulk bag of seed, you could manage to cautiously refill it), nor is the plastic recyclable. That is not uncommon with larger bags of birdseed, however, and the Pour Joy’s extra features make it well worthwhile.

Get your own Pour Joy bag of No Waste Blend and pour one on for all your backyard birds!

NOTE: I was provided a free Pour Joy bag to test and review, but no further compensation was offered and the sample did not affect my conclusions and opinions for this review.

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