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Giveaway – Lowepro Field Station Beltpack

It’s giveaway time! Every birder needs a good field bag to keep their gear accessible, organized, and available while birding, and this month I’ve got a great option for you – the Lowepro Field Station Beltpack, from the company’s Optics Series of gear designed for wildlife watching.

Giveaway Time!

About the Field Station Beltpack

This bag is carefully designed with beginning birders in mind and provides both organization and hands-free convenience with easy access to essential gear, including a field guide, notebook, binoculars, tablet, and other accessories birders may want to have accessible in the field. (Accessories not included in this giveaway!)

Lowepro Field Station Beltpack
Lowepro Field Station Beltpack (accessories not included)

The bag is a black and dark olive color, perfect for camouflage in a variety of prime birding habitats. The waist straps are thick and well-padded for comfort, and adjustable to a maximum 50-inch (127 centimeter) girth. Exterior features are relatively minimal but include a pair of side mesh pockets perfect for a water bottle or cell phone – one pocket is covered with a solid flap for security – and a small zip pocket with a strong cover to protect it from any rain or other moisture. The exterior fabric is also water-resistant for extra durability.

The bag’s interior has additional features for easy organization, including:

  • Padded dividers for a binocular compartment
  • Plastic key clip
  • Small zipped pocket on the inside of the cover flap
  • Second padded compartment for a field guide, notebook, or tablet
  • Stiff “Quickshelf” with straps to hold supplies for hands-free use
  • Small side pocket for pens and pencils, USB cards, etc.

The QuickShelf and both thickly padded compartments are strongly secured with Velcro and can be adjusted in size or completely removed if desired for additional space. With the padding and compartments in place, the bag can hold a small to medium-sized field guide and basic binoculars, though birders who use a harness or neck strap for their optics can easily remove that compartment and add a second or larger field guide to the bag.

The bag’s cover zips closed for security but is designed to still fully cover the interior if it is closed but not zipped. When worn properly, the cover opens away from the body for easy access to the entire bag, and the QuickShelf can be pulled out and propped up on the top of the bag for use, while its Velcro attachment keeps it securely fastened to the bag. This can be an ideal arrangement for a beginning birder who needs to frequently reference a field guide, or for any birder taking extensive notes. The beltpack’s unique design may initially take some getting used to, but birders who appreciate an organized bag will enjoy the customizable features and comfortable fit. Whether it is worn in front or behind, the Field Station Beltpack can be a good accessory for any birder.

Lowepro Field Station Beltpack in Use
Lowepro Field Station Beltpack in Use

Enter the Giveaway!

Are you ready to enter? Simply leave a reply below (one per person) with your answer to the following question…

What type of field bag do you use now?

Don’t forget to include a valid email address with your comment so you can be contacted if you’re the winner! Please note that while Lowepro has discontinued this specific model of field bag, the giveaway item is new and unused. By entering, participants agree to the Giveaway Guidelines. Entries will close on January 30, 2020, and a winner will be randomly chosen January 31, 2020. Best of luck, and happy birding!

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Congratulations to Lynn Peckham for winning
the Lowepro Field Station Beltpack!

9 thoughts on “Giveaway – Lowepro Field Station Beltpack

  1. Karen von Bargen

    Field bag? If the weather is cold enough for my anorak I utilize the extremely well placed pockets as my ‘bag’. It works pretty ok until it warms up and then I transition to a small backpack I selected because I can’t overfill it and drag myself down. I’m never quite happy with any setup I’ve figured out as I tend to lose my car keys in the pockets/bag!

  2. Margaret Tesch

    I have an old hiking/fishing vest I use in the field. Nothing as organized as a backpack, and it can be rather heavy on the neck and shoulders. This seems like a much better idea.

  3. Richard Smith

    I use a lowepro backpack. It is nice but in convenient to take off every time I need something in it. This belt pack is nice because it is in front with easy access to everything.

  4. Diane Darrell

    I just use my day pack so I have to take it off my back whenever I need anything. The binoculars are too heavy to hang from my neck so that’s a problem. I switch them from shoulder to shoulder.

  5. Lynn Peckham

    I usually take a backpack so I can take emergency supplies. I’d love to go lighter — your field bag sounds ideal. Just bionics, field guide, hat, some snacks, and a light jacket would be enough.

  6. Dale Browne

    I use an old Keen brand purse with a shoulder strap and a magnetic strap. It’s weather resistant, but not super roomy or secure. I would love a belt style!

  7. Paula pinheiro

    I don’t have a birding back pack per se, but I do use a regular backpack. This one sounds really cool

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