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Smile – It’s Butterball Time!

There may be a lot of smiles for us today, but there aren’t that many smiles for turkeys this week, especially in the frozen aisle. But sometimes, you have a turkey so silly and so enthusiastic about being a Butterball that you just can’t help grinning about it…

Butterball TurkeyPersonally, I don’t cook Butterball turkeys – other brands tend to be much less expensive. Furthermore, the way I cook a turkey – fully stuffed with classic homemade dressing, only salt and pepper on the bird, dotted with butter, and covered in a roasting bag to seal it all in – there’s never been a difference no matter what brand I cook, and the less money I spend on the turkey we eat, the more I have to spend on the birds we feed. I’ve never been fortunate to feed a wild turkey, but the blue jays, red-bellied woodpeckers, northern mockingbirds, palm warblers, common ground-doves, and any other birds that care to visit will have a feast in my yard for the holiday. There will even be special treats for the squirrels, kind of like that somewhat less-than-welcome relative who comes to Thanksgiving dinner but who is still family nonetheless.

For all birders, everywhere – United States or not – Happy Thanksgiving, and may you have much bounty in your life with much to be thankful for. Happy birding!

Stuffed Turkey

Stuffed Turkey – Photo by State Farm

4 thoughts on “Smile – It’s Butterball Time!

  1. Therese Ralston

    Love your posts. With all those birds in your backyard, and the squirrels, I can tell you have stacks to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you have a butterball of a time!

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