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Smile, It’s Turkey Time!

‘Tis the season for turkeys to be on everyone’s mind. Of course, birders love turkeys for their bold displays, unique behavior, family flocks, and other amazing traits, but turkeys are on others’ minds this time of year for a range of tasty reasons. As today’s smile demonstrates, even other birds may have turkey envy!

I Became a Turkey

Of course, an owl isn’t really a turkey, but this type of aggressive posture can resemble a turkey’s broad tail. Some owls will assume this posture in order to intimidate other birds or intruders, showing off their own size and strength to assert their dominance. This posture is often accompanied by hissing, bill clacks, or side-to-side swaying for further intimidation. Turkeys, naturally, don’t need to do this, as they’re already large and impressive, but a male’s tail display does show off his health and strength, letting everyone know who’s in charge.

Whooooo’s ready to gobble gobble?

Wild Turkey Tail Display

Wild Turkey Tail Display – Photo by Becky Matsubara

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