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Happy Halloween From All the Birds!

Since today is Halloween, it’s extra reason to smile! Whether you go all out for the holiday with costumes, yard decorations, parties, themed foods, haunted houses, sound effects, and scary movies, or you prefer a more low-key celebration with simple treats and autumn decor, it’s a great time to relax and enjoy fall.


Jack-o-Lantern Smile – Photo by Josh Larios

Personally, I am on the low-key side of the celebrations, though I do have a fun pumpkin patch in my home and always plan a special treat (chewy caramel bars tonight!) in lieu of a ceaseless waterfall of wrapped sugar. But just like there are so many different birds, there are many different ways to celebrate any holiday, to enjoy it, and to make it your own. Take a Halloween hint from these fun birds, and enjoy the day in your own way. Happy Halloween!

Bird and Moon Halloween Comic

Courtesy of Bird and Moon – Used With Permission

Want more smiles? Visit Bird and Moon for more fun and educational nature cartoons!

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