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Morning Motivation to Smile About!

Sometimes we all need an extra little jolt in the morning, especially in the middle of a rough work week. That jolt, that wake-me-up, that motivation to get up and get to work could be a variety of different things – a refreshing shower, a workout, a cup of coffee, the brilliance of a sunrise, the music of the dawn chorus… But for me, it’s all about the donuts! I adore donuts, and really haven’t met any I don’t like (though I’m not a big fan of sprinkles, to be honest). No matter how sleepy I may be, or how warm and comfortable the bed, or how unappealing the work day, if I know there are donuts in the offing, I’m like this adorable owl…

Give yourself a midweek morning treat and you’ll be more motivated to have a smile on your face, which is what it’s all about. Happy morning, happy donuts, and happy birding!


Donuts – Photo by Ted Eytan

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