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A Smile for a Bad Work Week

Have you ever had a bad work week, when it seems everything goes wrong? Deadlines get moved up, coworkers are absent and you need to cover, the boss is in a foul mood, your project just isn’t coming together, you missed an emergency meeting, the budget is slashed again, there’s never enough coffee, the weather’s bad, your allergies are acting up, and you have a wicked hangnail? No matter how many circumstances add up, you just can’t quite say what you’d like to your boss, coworkers, or clients… Unlike the bird for our weekly smile!

Stranded Potty-Mouthed Parrot
Greets Firefighters With Four-Letter Tirade

This reminds me of a case of “kids say the darndest things”, though of course birds that are accomplished mimics, like the macaws, can also pick up some choice vocabulary if we aren’t careful what we say around them. They can also be taught a wide range of words and short phrases, though we can hope that’s not what this owner did intentionally! And no matter how bad your week may be going, don’t let your four-letter vocabulary get the best of you… Just wish you were a blue-and-gold macaw that could do it instead! Happy birding!

Blue-and-Gold Macaw

Blue-and-Gold Macaw – Photo by Bernard DUPONT

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